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You can remove changes to a file from your PR!

Sometimes you just have to marvel at git. And Stack Overflow.

🔥 Bonfire|First lit on July 15, 2022
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Whoops! I've borked it again. One of my commits contained my changes to the yarn.lock....that only work with my local environment because web development with billions of node modules is just wonderful

And I've pushed it and a PR's open and I'm this close 🤏 to throwing my laptop out the window.

Don't worry. git can handle it. And some hero told me how on SO

Now, I've been working on a branch named dave/made-a-dumb-error-again, which branched off dev. So, I can just run:

git checkout dev -- yarn.lock

And I'm saved thanks to this SO answer. Many thanks to Jared Wilber for saving my bacon.