Dave Bernhard

Web Developer

📚 Reading: Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay


I'm a Frontend Developer with polyglot ambitions. I currently work at tray.io, a low-code automation platform.

In a former life, I was in book publishing. I still spend a lot of my spare time reading, both for pleasure and to learn new things (which is also a pleasure).

My more unusual experiences include climbing Mount Stanley in Uganda and playing a Victorian policeman in an interactive murder mystery at the Edinburgh Fringe. I'll still answer to Constable Crowley.

Music has always been very important to me. I have sung Mozart's Requiem Mass and been to see NOFX live on five occasions. They were, respectively, average, brilliant, disinterested, very drunk, and then brilliant again. I'm currently trying to learn Un Sospiro by Liszt on the piano; wish me luck!